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You Are Not Alone

Trichotillomania also known, as Trich or TTM is a psychological condition in which a person repeatedly pulls out their body hair despite wanting to stop.This behavior is categorized with Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. The hair pulling causes significant distress or impairments in the persons social and occupational areas of life. These individuals suffer from feelings of shame, embarrassment, and low self esteem. They avoid many situations in the fear of having people discover their "secret" hair pulling. These individuals may pull from the scale, eyebrows, eyelashes, public area or other extremities. TTM can happen with or without the persons awareness and the pulling can go on for hours. The individual may pull for tension relief, sensory stimulation, to reach a goal, or cope with an uncomfortable feeling. As you can see everyone will TTM has a unique relationship with their pulling. This is why tailored treatment is so important. 

My Treatment Approach 

I provide individual therapy using the Comprehensive Behavioral Model Treatment (ComB). The goal is to teach individuals with Trich to effectively deal with the hair pulling. This treatment modality includes habit reversal training, identifying precursors to pulling and situations in which it occurs, relaxation training, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. Here you can learn the skills that allow you to live a full life without hair pulling getting in the way.   

Trichotillomania Therapy: Service
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